I'm New

Welcome to Bethany of Montclair. We are thrilled you are here! And we hope you find exactly what you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for a family church, maybe you are searching for answers, maybe it is time to be a part of an amazing community. Rest assured you will find people here that are kind, caring and want to connect with you. We want to connect with you right where you are. We want to walk arm and arm with you through life, through the ups and downs; being there for each other with the love of Christ is part of our mission. Our community here at Bethany strives to grow with each other, lift each other up, and support others as we grow together in Jesus.

Sunday morning Service time is 10:30 am. We start with Worship. This allows us to quiet our hearts from whatever is going on in our life, and be ready to hear the message that God has for us. Pastor Josh will bring us the message. Josh is an exceptionally gifted teacher. He has the ability to bring a message that is God inspired, and at a level that everyone can receive and understand.

We are casual and comfortable. As our guest, we want you to be as comfortable as we are. Come as you are.

What we really want you to know about Bethany of Montclair

We want everyone to find that Bethany is a place of Hope, Healing, and Purpose. We all need hope to make it through the toughest of days. Healing to be able to move past them, and for each of us to find our purpose and be able to help others live their life in Christ.

We believe in the power of praise and prayer. Nothing is too big for God, and we want to stand in prayer with you.

Your story or your testimony may be the very thing someone else needs to keep going. We love to share how God has worked in our lives.

Community is huge here at Bethany. God made us social beings and we believe that living life together helps us flourish, makes life more enjoyable, and enables us all to serve God completely.

Come and visit us. We trust you won't be disappointed.

Before the service, stop by BOM cafe where you can get your favorite coffee, tea or soft drink. Just share with them this is your first visit and your drink will be our gift to you. Our service starts at 10:30 am and BOM Cafe is open at 10:00 am. It is a great place to meet people, tell them you are new and your coffee is on us!

After the service there tends to be people hanging out and catching up on life. We are a congregation of a little more than 200 adults, and lots of kids, who actually enjoy being together. Bethany is one large family, and we always have room for more.

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