Bethany of Montclair

Our Leadership

Josh Matlock

Josh has been leading our church since February of 2008. His wife, Kristy, and two sons love being a part of the Bethany family. Josh graduated from Biola University with a B.A. in 1996 and Talbot School of Theology with an M.A. in 2003. He served as an associate pastor in Orange County for eight years. Josh loves a good challenging biblical question and conversation.

Charley Cheatwood

Charley joined Bethany on staff in August of 2008. He began as a youth pastor, but is currently our Family Pastor. His wife, Thiam, and three children are also involved with the ministry. Charley is a graduate of Biola University with an M.A. from Azusa Pacific. Charley has such a servant's heart. He helps in every way and with everyone that has a need. Charley loves a good conversation and a bold cup of coffee.

Eddy Vera

Eddy joined the Bethany staff as Youth Pastor in 2016. He graduated from Hope University with a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and Business Administration as well as a Minor in Biblical Studies. Eddy is attending Talbot School of Theology. He is our Student Ministries Pastor. He has interned and worked with Youth Ministry since 2009. Eddy reaches out to all ages at our church, from the very young to our seniors. His love for God's people is evident in his walk. Eddy loves Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Randy Shorts

Randy joined Bethany on staff as our Worship Pastor in 2000. He graduated from SOU with a Masters in Theatrical Production and Design. And His teaching credential from University of LaVerne. He also teaches full time at LOHS. His wife Liz and two children are also involved in ministry at Bethany.

About Us

Briefly, we are a church of over 50 years with our current Lead Pastor being our fifth. Our history and our future is the same. We have lived, shared and loved on people. We are a family-oriented church with a huge desire to impact our community. We are a diverse church of age, life circumstance, race, economic status, belief and background. We love each other and are united in the spirit. We rely on God, and His Word for our teaching. We average about 200 people on a Sunday and are seeing new people join us all the time. We really are a "come as you are" church and we will love on you. And yes, we want your first visit here to be warm and welcoming, But more then anything, we want to share Jesus with everyone.

Our Mission:

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known